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Suggested Development Process

A place to get started after you've had that great idea for an app—designers and developers should decide what will work for you.

  1. Getting Started
    • If you need to, find your developer/designer/team
      • Creating a written agreement with your team covering expected deliverables by all parties, how revenue generated by the app will be shared, if work is pro bono or recouped from sales, etc. is strongly encouraged
    • Download & install the free Windows Phone SDK
    • Register with App Hub:
    • Review the Application Certification Guidelines so you're set for Step 6
  2. Design & IA
    • Review the scope of your app & create a schedule.
    • Discuss with your team what more they need beyond your initial idea materials, ex:
      • Design treatment
      • Style guide
      • User scenarios
      • Information architecture (IA)
      • Screen comps
      • Interaction comps
      • Wireframe Prototype
      • App icon
      • Does the design need to be modified to meet launch scope or timeline?
      • Changes to incorporate team input.
  3. Implementation
    • Expect a lot of back & forth with your team
    • Code code code tweak code tweak tweak
  4. Testing
    • You & the team spend time trying to break the app & fixing it
    • Invite other users to test your app (& marvel at how they immediately use it in ways you never intended)
  5. Release
    • Produce your screenshots of the app & your submission to Marketplace
  6. Certification
  7. App is Launched!
    • Standard Marketplace fees apply
    • All income generated by your app goes to you & your team—however you decide to split it up back in Step 1
    • Start working on version 2!